Her? (her_stratagem) wrote in hidden_diseases,

partial seizure?

Recently I've been having these "episodes" that mimic simple and complex partial seizures. I've already had an MRI and an EEG and am waiting on the results. But I've been researching these types of seizures and the thing is, when I experience these "episodes", it goes on for about 20 minutes, whereas normal partial seizures only last a few minutes at most. I never fall over and actually "seize" or anything.

It always starts with nausea and hypersalivation, and then suddenly, things start getting "weird" and vivid and really intense.  Soon, I lose my ability to speak. Technically, I can still talk, but it feels as though my tongue is swollen in my mouth and it's really difficult to get words out. I will stare at things for long periods of time and experience some deja vu as well as jamais vu, but mostly it just seems like I'm "tripping", as my room mate says. I will also twitch my head to the side, grind my jaw, wring my wrists, and just start crying for no reason. After, I always seem to remember everything (which is not suggestive of complex/partial) but I suppose there could be things I forgot. I am usually very tired after and have a headache.  The first one occured about 6 months ago and for the past 2 months they have been increasing. I have lost track of how many of these I've actually had. I have experienced 2 in public, which has been very strange and scary. 

I guess I just wanted to ask anyone if they have ever heard of something like this lasting this long, or experience anything like this before.
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