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Armando N. Roman

Any idea what this could be?

I've made an appointment already for next week, but I wanted to see if anyone out there might know what I may have, if it's one or various problems to look out for. This might be a lot, so I'm sorry if it takes up a lot of space on your friends/community viewing page. I'm just trying to get out as much info as I know. Also, since it might help, I'm not on any kind of medication or do any kinds of drugs, and I don't drink. So none of this should be a side-effect from any of those things.

In mid-2003, I was laying in bed trying to go to sleep. After laying there for about 20 minutes, I suddenly arched up, with my feet and upper back on the bed. I couldn't hear anything out of my right ear, and in my left, I heard a loud ringing (think what Danny hears when he shines in The Shining). There was a jolt that went up and down my spine as well. I stayed in this position for what felt like 10 minutes, then my hearing returned to normal, and I fell back to the bed. This continued on and off for 2 years before it stopped. But after that incident, at random times in the day, I'd get the feeling that I was waking up, even when I wasn't tired at all. My body would feel light and it'd seem like my eyes were rolling in the back of my head, but I was completely aware of everything and fully awake already.

But since then, there have been other things that may or may not be because of that. I have very bad tremors and have a hard time writing even half a page of something before needing to rest. I've pretty much quit drawing as well. I can't walk in a straight line for more than a couple steps, and usually have to make an effort to do so. Sometimes one side of my face will go completely numb. Sometimes when just sitting at the computer or watching a movie, a leg or arm will jerk outward as if I'm hitting something.

On top of this, in the last 2 years, I've started to get double vision, even with my glasses on, and occassionally see spots or moving shadows when nothing's there. And more recently, my ankles (one or the other, often switching) will burn for no reason, causing a lot of pain when I walk. But the main thing that concerned me of all this started probably around March of this year. I'd start to bleed from the mouth while sleeping, and wake up every hour or so coughing up blood. It would only happen when I sleep, never while awake. One night after I took a nap when this happened, my daughter wanted to go to the hot tub with me and my wife. I wasn't feeling good enough for it, but went. After a couple of minutes of sitting in there, I felt like I was floating upward or even waking up- the same feeling I used to get after the first night I had any problems. I really don't know of any other way to describe that feeling other than waking up or flying, and I'd have to keep telling myself to stay where I am.

Despite all this, I exercise every day and eat well. What I find weird is that I have trouble writing and drawing, but I can do 200+ push ups and sit ups a night without any trouble. That can't be a cause of this (though it may not help either) since I only started doing a regular routine about a year ago.

Does anyone have a clue what I might have? Or am I just one big mess?
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