burningembers6 (burningembers6) wrote in hidden_diseases,

Blood test help:adrenal disorder?

Hi!What should my Dr. be testing me for to diagnose an adrenal disorder?I've had a whole slew of symptoms that have been ruining my life over the past 6 months.Last blood test I got leads me to believe these issues might be endocrinological..I already know I have  thyroid dysfunction.Seeing that my vitamin D is low,Dhea is high,tiny amount of blood in urine over the past few years,super increased urination at night and thirst,etc..........leads me to believe I might have a kidney/adrenal issue or PCOS.Maybe everything is from an other endocrinological issue or autoimmue disease.Any suggestions on anything else to get tested?Is there an LJ group geared more toward this?Thanks

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